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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan true to the values and vision of the organization and based on an accurate assessment of strengths and opportunities of your company is essential for providing direction. And, direction is a required ingredient in building commitment in the work force and for ensuring the long term success of the company.

Essential elements in composing a plan that provides direction to the organization include:

Process facilitation: effective facilitation of a disciplined and comprehensive strategic planning process that produces specific action plans linked to measurable objectives;

Vision setting: insightful assistance to identify and articulate the shared vision, commonly held values, and strategic business goals for the future of the organization;

Mission definition: assistance in formulating an inspiring yet concrete mission that provides real direction;

Strategy identification: formulating strategies for accomplishment and success that are based on the strengths of the organization and the opportunities in the marketplace; and,

Action plan definition: detailed specification of actions to achieve measurable objectives.

Implementation and change management plans.

Allen Saville has been involved in assisting the executive teams of companies and organizations in major strategic planning efforts for over twenty-five years. Call us to find out about the value we can bring to your strategic planning endeavors.