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Special Events

From time to time, special needs arise for some special event and/or external facilitator to serve as a catalyst to achieving a particular result with emphasis and/or speed. The need could be the kick-off event for the rollout of a major new initiative within the company, a particularly important annual sales meeting, a special meeting of key people to begin your strategic planning process, or a series of special events for top executives to consider and define the company's direction for the next decade. [See also information on Facilitation and Team Building.]

Whether it be a meeting for eight or eight hundred; whether the preferred location is in a hotel meeting room near DeGaulle airport outside of Paris or a cabin high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Saville Consulting Service can help make it successful. The following is a partial list of the types of special events and other activities designed, developed and employed successfully by Saville Consulting Services to meet specific client requirements:

Executive retreats, work sessions, etc.: Successful and productive executive work sessions, retreats and other meetings are a blend of: preparation, program design, facilitation, the sensitivity and flexibility to respond to the needs of the moment, concern for individuals and a commitment to accomplishment.

Large-scale company meetings: We have designed and orchestrated events held in both US and international locations that are informative, high-energy, wonderfully organized, and supportive of company strategic goals.

Public speaking: Allen Saville is a dynamic and energetic speaker featured at conferences and meetings across the US and abroad. He has also scripted and coached numerous company leaders in their public speaking and video presentations.

Outdoor and experiential learning: From basic experiential challenges that can be conducted either outside or inside, to repelling from cliffs and orienteering – learning can be framed in demonstrative ways to be a bonding experience and/or especially impactful.

Video, webcast, etc.: These and other communication vehicles can be employed effectively to distribute, obtain and exchange information. We work with your internal and external communication and technology resources to ensure that communication is on-point, effective and supportive of current initiatives.

Special Events