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Organizational Renewal & Enterprise Transformation:

Organizational renewal and enterprise transformation are the labels attached to the work of keeping a company relevant to the times, true to its purpose, and living up to its potential. In this endeavor a holistic approach is required – a real transformation is necessary to move the organization from where it is now to where it needs to be. An organizational re-design is accomplished that may include many of the following:

Vision, mission and goals

Organizational design & development

Performance improvement

Organizational behavior

Change management

Training, education and development

Alignment of Structure, Systems, Policy and Procedure

Usually the sum total of the changes required to realize the true potential of the organization and accomplish its new purpose is not known at the outset. But, the realization has been made that it is necessary to consider the fundamental ways in which the organization operates, and the behaviors and competencies with which individuals are equipped to perform their work in an increasingly competitive marketplace. That means the business strategies, functional capabilities, operational philosophy, policies, procedures, organizational structure and culture all need to be aligned for success.