it's all about . . . PERFORMANCE   

Past Issues of the Newsletter

Saville Consulting Services publishes an e-mail newsletter (It's all about Performance) from time to time. You can view past issues of our newsletter by clicking on the numbered issue links below:

Issue 1 Main topic: Building commitment; Also: The elements of performance

Issue 2 Main topic: Purpose (the first element of performance); Also: direction, values, vision, goals

Issue 3 Main topic: Competencies; Also: Competency groupings

Issue 4 Main topic: Alignment

Issue 5 Main topic: Speed, Quality and Economy (faster, better, cheaper)

Issue 6 Main topic: Due Diligence – The Softer Side (how to use soft due diligence to ensure success in M&A transactions)

Issue 7 Main topic: Leveraging the Strengths of the Executive Team (ingredients for success in the endeavor)

Issue 8 Main topic: Performance Feedback (importance and tips for providing)
Bonus An article about Performance containing some material from issues of the newsletter and some new material