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Merger and Acquisition Integration

Once a merger or acquisition is a real possibility it is time to take specific and aggressive measures to ensure that you are prepared to meet the significant challenges of integrating the two companies. The stakes are high. There is a sizable investment of company resources involved and mergers and acquisitions are high profile events that have huge impacts on employees. These events are watched carefully by investors and analysts. Your challenges include: (1) the need to move quickly; (2) the need for a high level of organization and intensely integrated management for the very complex and pervasive integration endeavor, and (3) the need to obtain some early wins in the process.

Saville Consulting Services has provided M&A integration assistance to a number of companies in the USA and abroad. Dr. Saville has also appeared as a speaker on the subject of M&A integration at dozens of conferences and seminars (see the list of speeches). We can provide merger/acquisition integration assistance to help achieve your goals. The services we offer include:

Integration Planning and Preparation

Assistance with soft due diligence

Integration project infrastructure development

Communications planning and development

Briefings to senior management and others as appropriate

Development of integration strategies and boundaries

Integration project planning (work breakdown structure, time lines, etc.)

Retention strategy development

Integration Project Management
Assistance to top leadership (including speech writing and presentation coaching)

Project planning and management support to integration activities

Orientation, facilitation, and tracking of task forces and teams working on integration issues

Review of integration plans

Communication plan development and execution

Retention strategy implementation

Design and implementation of measurement and monitoring processes

Integration Project Support
Measurement and monitoring of progress to project plans

Adjustment of plans

Prioritization of integration activities

Summary of lessons learned

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