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Explanation of the "Model Management-Development Curriculum" chart . . .

The “Model Management-Development Curriculum” depicted on the other side of this page provides a representative sample of the management development courses and services available from Saville Consulting Service. The curriculum is designed to be a very high quality, integrated suite of management education and developmental programs.

The management development courses can be delivered in an “off-the-shelf” manner or with various degrees of customizing. The off-the-shelf versions still provide opportunities to incorporate individual and company values, etc. through individual and group exercises that allow for addressing company specific goals, strategies, and initiatives.

We work with client companies to find the best ways to link appropriate portions of this suite of management development with their learning & development needs. We help client companies provide support for their managers and leaders with just-in-time competency building assistance. This learning & development support pays dividends to employers by increasing competencies that lead to greater productivity, leverage and profitability.

Depending upon your preferences and situation, these courses can be provided at your facilities or off-site. You may also choose to populate the courses exclusively with your company’s employees or you may elect to have your employees learn side-by-side with employees from other companies. Both options have advantages. Learning with employees from other companies has the advantage of considering a broader range of applications and the possibility of exchanging best practices.

All sessions of these courses are led by a team of top quality facilitators who have superb platform skills and years of relevant business experience. Allen Saville, our lead facilitator and designer, has designed and facilitated learning courses and events for teams based in every part of the US as well as a number of countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Saville Consulting Service can also provide consulting services that are related to learning and development. These services range from executive coaching and facilitating team building sessions to designing large-scale company-wide special meetings and the overall design of a complete learning and development curriculum.

We seek to work with companies that desire to cultivate high-performance work environments in which peak performance, excellence and continuing success are encouraged.

We think you will be excited about the quality and beneficial impact of these management development courses and services. And, we believe these courses, along with proper internal reinforcement will have a positive effect on your company’s bottom line.

The initial conversations cost you nothing. Please give us a call to set a time for us to explore how we can assist you with your management and leadership development requirements.

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