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Learning and Development

The world marketplace, characterized by constant change and rapid response, demands continuous development of new service capabilities, new products, and new skills. Cultivating leadership and continuous learning are now mandatory for success in business today. [Additional explanation and rationale] We have addressed nearly all facets of learning and development from the design of global L&D systems to the design and delivery of individual programs. Our design and development process yields high caliber programs:

Identification of learning & development needs especially in the leadership and management areas;

Design of complete learning & development curricula;

Effective delivery methods to "get the message across and make it sick;"

Program design: to accomplish specified objectives in accord with principles of instructional design and adult learning;

Program development: complete development and documentation of educational programs including: materials, specifications of equipment, logistics, program leader selection criteria, piloting, and continuing evaluation methodology;

Train-the-trainer: complete and inspiring and preparatory programs for the facilitators/instructors;

Program delivery: energetic presentations that are adept in communicating difficult concepts and relating those concepts to the business experience of the program participants.

Executive Teams: Attention grabbing programs to deal with: innovation, team building, mentoring, leadership, empowering others, and more; [see chart]

Leadership cultivation: Exciting and empowering programs to cultivate leadership potential and effectiveness: The elements of leadership, Managing and leading teams, Motivation and commitment, Team building, Coaching and mentoring; [see chart]

Business management/development: Design and delivery of programs on managing business units for high performance and increased business growth; [see chart]

Management education and other topics: Specific management skills and leadership attributes are required to gain the commitment of individuals and groups and to maximize their performance. These are the keys to building and maintaining work environments in which high performance and total quality are possible. We have special expertise in making management skills relevant and meaningful. Other topics include: Project management, Delegation and empowerment, Supervisory skills, Creative problem solving, Stress management, Communication skills, Assertiveness, Presentation skills. [Click here to view model management development curriculum chart.]