The Elements of Performance

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Creating a Coaching Culture

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Learning and development is the key to performance and accomplishment

Your company's system of learning and development:

Is the engine that drives the competency building process;

Provides the training and competencies that enable people to be:

  • Highly productive
  • Service oriented and highly responsive to customers and clients
  • Creative and innovative
  • Driven by superior quality

Is an effective too in building commitment to achieve company strategic goals and to reinforce company values and culture;

Can be used to help align individual objectives with company goals and strategic initiatives

All of these contribute to producing higher value for customers and clients.

Companies that rely on the talents of managers and supervisors to leverage the skills and productive capacities of others are most often successful by applying special emphasis to the management and leadership portions of their learning & development curriculum.  Superior management competencies are the key to increasing leverage, which, along with attention to productivity and margin, are the essential elements of profitability.

Saville Consulting Service can provide an integrated set of high quality management development courses and services that can support your company’s continuing success.  These management development offerings are designed to be linked to career transitions and increasing levels of responsibility in which people take on new supervisory, management and leadership challenges. [See model management development curriculum chart.] All courses and services can be customized to build commitment to your company’s strategic goals and reinforce your company’s values and culture.

If you have an interest in, or questions about, any of our services or capabilities let us hear from you.  We would very much appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust so that we can become a partner in your continuing success.