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Change Management
With change must also come appropriate attention to eliminating or minimizing the adverse effects of the changes. People resist change and we can help anticipate and then coordinate the many individual initiatives that are required for success in a change endeavor. We concentrate on communication to help people understand the changes and appreciate them as positive and essential to achieving both personal goals and strategic business objectives. Special attention to the process of coordinating and managing the process of change is essential.

Appropriate efforts to manage change would include the following:

Anticipate and fully identify the specific nature of the performance improvement and productivity changes that must occur in order for your company to be highly competitive and successful in the pursuit of its business strategies.

Anticipate and fully define the impacts of those changes on all aspects of the organization; e.g., operational, organizational, etc.

Anticipate and fully describe the impacts of those changes on individuals and teams within the organization.

Formulate measures to eliminate or minimize the adverse effects of change on the organization and the individuals within the organization.

Formulate programs to manage positive change efforts in the cultivation of new cultural attributes within the organization.

Design, organize, establish and support the operation of a team for managing the change effort. This team is to be responsible for all aspects of successfully implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and revising (if needed) all change initiatives and activities in an aggressively "on-time, on-budget" manner.

Effectively manage all communication related to the change initiative so that changes are understood and appreciated as a positive and essential in accomplishing your company's business strategies and as a success for individual employees throughout all levels of the organization.

Anticipate, and then coordinate, in a comprehensive and synergistic manner the many individual initiatives that are required for success in the change endeavor. This includes anticipating and coordinating all of the interrelationships and links among various actions, activities, events and initiatives from beginning to end of the change process.

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