The Elements of Performance

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a book about organizational performance and performance improvement

Revised – 2009

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Published by Saville Consulting Service

The Elements of Performance

EOP Book Cover

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Use The Elements of Performance in your company:

Enroll Everyone: Performance is too pervasive and too important to leave only to leaders, managers and supervisors. Company success and performance inprovement initiatives depend on understanding the elements of performance and applying them to the achievement of company goals and objectives. We are all interested in improving performance: individually, in teams, and throughout the entire company. This book gives every individual the basic tools of performance improvement.

This book:

Provides a thorough explanation of each of the seven elements of performances

Empowers every individual to be more successful in improving personal performance

Assists leaders and managers in understanding and using the elements of performance in cultivating high performance work teams

Clarifies the need for continuous performance improvement

Can be used to support specific performance improvement initiatives
Builds greater commitment to accomplishing company goals
Explains the relationship between performance and competencies
Emphasizes the special importance of building commitment

There are a small number of basic truths that seem to be reinforced in almost every aspect of managing an enterprise. Perhaps the most central of these truths is the importance of performance and performance improvement. Ask yourself: "When is performance not important?"

In the business world performance should be important to all of us, all of the time, regardless of our profession or position. After all, our performance is usually a significant factor in how we are evaluated, our compensation, promotions, and respect among our peers – just to mention a few. Even if we did not care to pay attention to these things, an honest appraisal of our performance is a central element in maintaining personal pride in what we do.

Leaders, managers, and supervisors are all specifically charged with the responsibility of paying attention to performance and performance improvement. After all, the accumulated performance of all individuals, teams, and business units within the company determines the success of the business enterprise.

This book is designed to be brief. The focus is on the fundamental elements of performance. Attention to each of these elements is required to achieve stellar performance in both individuals and business organizations.

The first two chapters are devoted to identifying and defining the seven elements of performance and performance improvement and describing the importance and context of performance. The next five chapters (three through seven) address each of the performance elements in a greater level of detail. Chapter eight provides a list of places to look to find performance improvement opportunities that can yield significant results in the performance of your company. The final two chapters (nine and ten) treat providing performance feedback and coordination and comprehensiveness respectively. There are a couple of interesting examples contained in these final two chapters to underscore the importance of an integrated approach to performance improvement.